// LFCP - Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principals

LFCP - Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principals

CPD Points: 9
Duration: 9 Hours
Media Type: Clustered Asset
Provider: Academyst (eMedicus Ltd.)


Leadership Fundamentals and Core Principles is an intensive and well-structured programme designed to ensure that anyone leading groups and services develops a bedrock of effective leadership practices based on the latest principles and behavioural insight. Based around distinct frameworks to enable you to implement best practice, we focus on practical application in the unique context of healthcare and the clinical coal-face. We'll also demystify behaviour and psychology in leadership into very practical and useful insights and approaches. Suited equally to both trainees wanting to ensure they develop the very best of leadership capability and experienced leaders wanting to ensure that they apply themselves in the best possible way for today.

  • The context of leadership today
  • How does leadership is tough times differ from normal
  • Understanding leadership versus management
  • Critical effects of leadership ineffectiveness
  • Adopting the right leadership approach
  • Tailoring the approach to people, context and circumstances
  • The leader as catalyst
  • Distributed leadership and its importance today
  • Transformational leadership - core principles
  • The ENABLEMENT Model
  • Applying WILL, SKILL, CAPACITY & AUTHORITY in practice
  • 6 Core Components of Effective Leadership (an application model)
  • Understanding & applying each component
  • The role and importance of trust in leadership
  • Different people, different needs
  • Getting the best from people
  • Understanding your own psychological makeup and its influence on leadership
  • Leading those who are different from you
  • Culture, motivation & morale
  • Creating the conditions for engagement & ownership
  • The importance of reflection and humility
  • Your lifelong leadership journey

  • Doctors - Junior
  • Doctors - Middle
  • Doctors - Senior
  • Nurses - Junior
  • Nurses - Middle
  • Nurses - Senior
  • Business & Administration - Junior
  • Business & Administration - Middle
  • Business & Administration - Senior
  • Allied Pros - Junior
  • Allied Pros - Middle
  • Allied Pros - Senior