// DEPS - Developing Exceptional Presentation Skills

DEPS - Developing Exceptional Presentation Skills

CPD Points: 8
Duration: 8 Hours
Media Type: Clustered Asset
Provider: Grow Medical (eMedicus Ltd.)


The Developing Exceptional Presentation Skills (Presenter on Fire) programme is for healthcare professionals aspiring to the highest levels of presentation excellence, wishing to explore advanced topics in an inspirational but ultimately entirely practical and educational format. You'll be amazed at how much difference a day can make to your presentation ability, regardless of whether you predominantly educate or present clinical & scientific information, versus spend your time in business meetings.


If we are going to turn you into an expert presenter with peak status then we had better start with knowing exactly what that looks like from the outset. We won’t just explain it, we’ll start by showing you. With an example at hand, we’ll deconstruct it to ensure you are crystal clear on what made the difference, providing you with a clear blueprint to use over and over. For a dessert of anti-inspiration, we’ll then show you exactly why so many falter and how to avoid these common but not always obvious traps. And that’s all in the first session.
  • An Inspirational Start to Illustrate on Fire
  • The Critical Elements of the Presentation on Fire
  • From Resounding to Resuscitation - Five Key Pitfalls to Never Make


Presentations that don’t connect with people just don’t do their job and yet they always have a job to do. We’ll show you why they don’t and how you can change that. The screaming irony is that the majority don’t do what they absolutely must and then worry themselves into a nervous wreck, wheres our advocated approach creates spot-on presentations whilst simultaneously building confidence. You just need to know what to do. We’ll show you both what and how.
  • Audience Analytics - Taking the Eyes Open Approach
  • Perfect Pertinence - How to Engage Everybody
  • People Pitch - Optimising for Inner Humans


We see countless presentations where near perfect content is destroyed in an uncessary and failed attempt to demonstrate technical software competence. Unless you are the Head of Creativity for Microsoft, you need to be thinking simplicity, not complexity. You should be far more concerned with how you integrate and flow your content. Let’s not hide the fact that slides are important but let’s also be crystal clear that you won’t get a top table seat with perfect slides for a story told imperfectly. The peak status approach though is how you blend the two, so that the story comes out with power.
  • The Story of Stories
  • Turning Tradition on its Head for Maximum Awe
  • Restructuring Structure for Hungry Crocodiles


Your job is NOT to impart information. Yes, you read that right. Transfer of information is purely a means to an end and as Stephen Covey told us so clearly, we always need to start with the end in mind. Impact is multifactorial and the peak status presenter knows how to engage all faculties seamlessly. You’ll be surprised at just how successful you can be when you discover just what you’re leaving out that’s critical, along with what you are putting in that’s calamatous. By the end of this session, You’ll be itching to get out and try.
  • Make Every Presentation ON PURPOSE
  • The Generalist Versus the Specialist
  • Inspirational Influencing to Achieve your Impact

  • Doctors - Junior
  • Doctors - Middle
  • Doctors - Senior
  • Nurses - Junior
  • Nurses - Middle
  • Nurses - Senior
  • Business & Administration - Junior
  • Business & Administration - Middle
  • Business & Administration - Senior
  • Allied Pros - Junior
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