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Purchase Options to Put Learning in Reach of Everybody

We want you to be learning, not worrying about cost and so we have a number of options for gaining access, including our ground-breaking Learning Package approach for many programmes. A quick synopsis of the options is listed below and on each product page you’ll see clearly what options are available.

Individual Purchase Options


ound a course you’d like to view? This option allows you to purchase access to just this. That keeps life simple and allows you to choose just what you want. You get annual access to that programme for a simple fee. However, you may be able to have access to it as part of a Learning Package at no greater cost that the individual programme (see below).


Learning Packages (Subscriptions) are designed to give you access to clusters of related learning programmes so that you can develop depth in a topic over time, on demand, without worrying about the cost of each individual item. Pay an annual access fee for the topic and access it as much or as little as you wish. It’s a great way of dealing with clinical CPD at a very low cost.

Group Purchase Options


For departments or organisations, this is a very productive and cost-effective way of granting access to programmes to many people at minimal costs. Most programmes are available under group license, the cost of which is dependent on how many people you wish to make it available to, along with the length of the programme itself.


This is effectively a group license to a whole topic, such as Leadership & Transformation, allowing you to make the topic available to a whole group so that they can learn and interact together, developing common application and a depth of knowledge, skills and insight. These packages are ground-breaking in both form and cost-effectiveness and are designed to integrate learning into normal life i.e. at the point of use.